I have... shall we say, "strong feelings" about change.

I don't mean to say that it's bad. Nor that it's unproductive nor that it's unhelpful. Only that it's... hard. *sigh*

This can apply to a lot of circumstances, including but not limited to sleeping patterns, daily habits, and getting through your endless to-do list. It also applies to making changes to something that hasn't been touched in a while - such as the furniture arrangement in my bedroom, or the layout of my website.

You may have noticed over the past week or so that I've been changing things about the website, what it looks like, what pages are available to look at, etc. Now, I love me some tedium, especially with the fiddly things, like background colors and customized buttons and a hundred popup boxes (it's going to take me a long time to finish setting up the new and improved Storytelling Elements Table, let me tell you, but it's going to be SO COOL when I'm done).

I believe all this change will be positive in the long run, but not all of it is productive right off the bat. For example: I spent more than a week copying and pasting 123 blog posts from one web page to another, thinking that I would need to change webhosts, and only later realizing that while the new webhost is cool, it's not as customizable as I would like. (I couldn't change the color, size, or font of my text, for one thing, which irritated me.)

But I did learn something good from that experience and I'm back to my old website, using what I learned from building the new one to update my look and offers a little. With luck, everything will be new and shiny, and I can start posting my links absolutely everywhere to attract a little more traffic.

Oh, and while we're at it, don't forget to take a look at the new episodes up on the Podcast page and leave me some feedback.

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