Trying to Make Sense

Have you ever been in a position that makes you question whether or not you're even going in the right direction?

Once, trying to give directions to a friend in a big city, I ended up "directing" her around a block and then back in the direction we'd been going in the first place. Not very helpful.

Another time, I wandered from task to task at work, unable to finish anything (partly due to a lack of concentration and partly due to frequent interruptions) and eventually landed back on the task I'd started on, still unfinished and high-priority.

This time, I'm trying very hard to find the right introduction to my novel, and sort of failing. I started with a prologue, then with the main character, then with the prologue again but this time as a first chapter, and then with a prologue but as part of the main story...

None of them have quite fit, though the scenes are edging nearer and nearer to what I need.

Now I'm back to looking at starting with the main character and handling the part that would have been the prologue in a flashback or something later on, if it needs to be handled at all. (It's a cool story, but it's not actually part of the main character's journey, so... not necessary, I guess?)

I feel like I've been going around in circles in a city I should know well by now, but I still can't figure it out!

With luck (or faith, trust, and pixie dust?) this is the time I'll finally, FINALLY get it all sorted out.

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