Too Many Questions

Long-time followers will know that asking questions is a huge part of how I write, and maybe that seems strange, but there you have it. It's how I do.

I find myself using this method for a lot of things, though, in part because it's just so versatile. In this case, I was running through my hopeful NaNo outline, and discovered there were several points at which I was asking myself questions, just as if I was reading a book.

I can't be the only one that thinks of things like this:

Girl learns something that implies another person is Hiding Something.

The Other Person is acting strange about something.

I ask, "Why haven't you thought that these two things might be related?"

I do this a lot, and I've associated repeated questions with "breaking my suspension of disbelief." They don't always correlate, mind you, but there's at least a trend of association.

So I was reading through my outline for my NaNo novel, and ended up tacking questions on my board as they occurred to me. Where is the Dragon King hiding? Why is it Hunter that's sent to break up the Resistance? Where did the dragon come from? And most importantly, why isn't the missing prince's full-human younger brother getting involved in the tussle for the throne?

I found that, once I started answering these questions, the story started to fill out a little in my head, which was definitely a step in the right direction. I'm excited to see where this goes!

So far, I think the answer to "where did the dragon come from?" is the most interesting, since it resulted in investigating how small dragons could be while maintaining the ability to carry a human in flight. (The answer is "roughly the size of a horse, but less in weight than a horse would be.") Why was I looking into this? Because the only reason for a dragon to be in a city would be (1) if it was small enough to fit and (2) if there were people that wanted to keep a dragon in a city.

Thus I was led to the discovery of the illegal blood sport of dragon-baiting, where small or young dragons are baited or set into dogfights for the pleasure and profit of their handlers. Laws against dragon-baiting are not very well enforced, due to the steady rise in anti-magic and anti-nonhuman sentiment.

So what about you, Inklings? What questions do you find yourselves asking when you read a story?

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