The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Gotta love it, right? The decorations, the music, the sales, the weather, the seasonal food, seeing friends and family all under one roof... it's just too good not to love, right?

In a lot of ways, I agree.

In some ways, I don't.

Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year. I love winter in general and Christmas specifically. I adore the feeling of the season and the smells and the chunky knit sweaters and the hot cocoa and the cookies absolutely everywhere. But there are a couple things that I think are maybe... not really so great about the way the holiday season is presented now?

1. Seasonal Generosity

I mean, it's good that we're reminded every year how good it is to be charitable and generous (and thankful!) but... but aren't those good things to be all the time?

And why is it a selling point? I mean, what are you selling? The feeling of being a Good Person? Validation?

Seems a bit dangerous at that point, you know?

2. Holiday Competition

I don't mean the challenges to see who decorates the best or who makes the best snowman. I mean the unofficial ones, where you get scornful looks when you're not wearing Christmas attire, or when you bring something to eat to a party that isn't at all holiday themed. (Who brings spaghetti to a Christmas party, anyway? Me! That's who.)

It's not bad to want everyone to be in the holiday spirit, but when you're being degraded by others for not reaching an arbitrary holiday standard, then you end up not feeling very good about the whole thing.

3. Christmas Music

I love Christmas music... so long as it's older than me by at least 30 years. Like Silver Bells or White Christmas or Good King Wenceslas. But when I hear songs like Last Christmas, or Santa Baby, I want to tear my hair out by the roots.

I like the songs that remind us of the reason we still celebrate this holiday, and why it's considered morally good to do so. Songs that just use pop culture music tricks to sound Christmassy without saying anything worth listening to get on my nerves.

Okay. That's enough complaining. I really do love Christmas and I have every intention of enjoying each minute, regardless of how annoying certain aspects of American commercialism can be.

What about you, Inklings? Is there anything about the holiday that you look forward to so much you can ignore the parts that irritate you?

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