The Lessons of Isolation

Over the last few weeks, some things have really been hammered home for me in ways I didn't think I would ever really get - not because I didn't understand them, but because I dismissed them. And boy, do I feel silly about now.

You know how the productivity experts always say not to work where you sleep? Well, I didn't actually have the freedom to work at my desk, since there was only space on my desk for my computer, and about half the things I do for "work" aren't on my computer. I also do things like make charts, edit papers, write letters, and sew - none of which I can do at my desk when the surface is taken up by keyboard and monitor and microphone.

So more often than not, I worked on my bed. But you know what?

Those productivity experts were right.

Barely a week before I went into quarantine, I had gotten a brand new collapsible table to use when I had my sewing machine out. When I was done sewing, I could fold the table up and put it away. But after the first week of being confined to my bedroom, I realized another use for that table: literally everything else.

I've been able to read, blog, sew, play games, write in my journal, and a hundred other things at this table that I couldn't do at my desk, not just because it was taken up with my computer, but because I basically only ever use that computer for my podcast. My brain has associated the desktop with my podcast, so when I'm sitting at my desk, I'm pretty useless for almost anything else.

I also discovered that working on my bed for extended periods was not doable, because then I couldn't sleep at night, and in addition, it was making my back and legs hurt. Sitting on my bed to work is very non-ergonomic. No more bad posture for me, thank you very much.

So, since shifting my work space from my bed to my table and not worrying about my desk, I'm feeling much better about my work and about how quickly I'm able to get things done! Isn't that awesome?

(Also, I'd like to officially apologize to those experts I ignored for so long - I was wrong. But we're still friends, right?)

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