The Books of Beginning

Today's review concerns a trilogy which I recently finished, having started it several years ago. I didn't mean to stop in the middle, of course, but the library needed the second book back and the third wasn't in the system, so I ended up forgetting about it until it cropped up on my "suggested reading" list two months ago.

Now, having reread the first two and acquired the third, I am ready to present you, dearest Inklings, with a full impression of the series.

The Books of Beginning, by John Stephens, is a series concerning three children who discover that magic is real, the world is in danger, and they are the only ones that can save it. This is a relatively popular genre, including works about icons like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. (If you like those series, you'll probably like this one, too.)

The series features strong characters, flexible worldbuilding, and some really excellent development between the main characters and their magical artifacts. I have a deep love of series that allow characters to grow and change, and this one definitely does that.

I'm giving all three books together 5 out of 5 stars for a tactful approach to the subject of love and death and belonging, along with likable characters that grow out of their annoying immaturities as the series progresses. In addition, they set up a really excellent twist in the second book that has interesting results in the third. Two thumbs up, will definitely read again.

One caution I might give is that there seems to be a pretty heavy emphasis on the older sibling's responsibility for the younger, and while this is described as a burden, it's never described as unhealthy, which I think it certainly can be - for the older sibling as well as the younger. It's something that should be talked about, even if there was no time for it to be addressed in this series.

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