Social Media Madness

This is a rant/word vomit/brainstorming thing. You don't have to actually read this. It's utter nonsense. And silly.

Why does it seem like every time I get this "social media" nonsense under control, something else needs to be updated or tended to or... or something?

T_T I just want things to be simple!

Alright. Alright. I'm okay. Everything is fine. I got this under control.

Blog posts 3 times a week. Podcast episode once a week.

Narrative snippet twice a week.

Facebook... when I remember.

Tumblr daily? < Trying, at least.

Need to connect my Facebook to things so it looks like I'm more active, I think. It would at least seem more interesting that way, and maybe I'd get a more interactive audience if I was more interactive?

I need to set alarms on my phone to remind me to do things on specific days. It would be wise, and that way I could stay on top of everything. Three, two, one, boom. Lookit me. So on top of stuff.

Let's just hope I won't fall.

So I suppose my question for you guys is... what would you want to see out of someone who's consistently creating content for you? You're the audience, after all. My wonderful, silent Inklings. (Feedback, my pretties - feedback is LIFE.)

In the meantime... I suppose I'll keep muddling along one way or another.

I'll see you again next time for something a little more coherent. I hope.

#SocialMedia #Lifeishard #Adulting

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