Rest Days

Last week I wrote about some of the things I'd learned from being confined at home for two weeks. There's more that I've learned before but that this has reminded me of quite thoroughly. I need the reminder every year or so, otherwise I forget about all the things that I thought I'd put down in long-term memory.

In short: If I don't take a day to myself once a week, then I end up feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and completely unrested.

So weird, right? It's almost like... if I don't block out time to recharge, I run out of energy. That's really wild. I can't think of a single other thing in my life that can't just keep going indefinitely without ever being plugged in and left alone to charge.


As you might be able to tell, my smartypants Inklings, I'm not too proud of myself for apparently forgetting one of the most basic rules of existence.

What's more, there's this whole section of my faith (which I check in with every morning) that makes very clear the fact that God Himself said "hey, guys, I'm setting an example for you here - I work for six days, then I rest on the seventh day. Not because the seventh day is special and not because I feel tired or can't keep going, but because resting is good for you, and taking the time to be present in relationships is super important. Got it?"

I know this, and yet when my schedule or my routine get messed up, I end up in situations like I've been in for the last couple weeks, were I fill up my to-do list every day and think I can just keep going because there are things to be done without ever taking time to recharge the ol' batteries.

Very not cool.

So Inklings, pay special attention to this: we all need days off. And if we take them when everything is fine, then when things are Not Fine, we will have more energy to deal with the world.

That's a fact. The secular world calls them "mental health days," and they're very important to productivity and good brain function. Don't power through because there are things that need doing. There will always be things that need doing. But you won't always be able to do them if you don't unplug for a bit.

That is all. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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