I find it worrisome that so many members of our little family here don't feel free to be proud of themselves, or even take it a step further and say they have nothing to be proud of.

Excuse me, WHAT?

This is a toxic mindset that's promoted by modern societies in many forms. You can see it in literature, popular media, even in music - the character that's shy and uncertain and thinks they're not good at anything while all their friends think they're super talented and cool. This is always painted as a good thing, even the while the creators say publicly that they're not promoting that attitude.

It's not healthy to believe that about yourself. It's even less healthy to say things like that with the expectation of receiving encouragement from your friends, because that puts a burden on them they might not have the energy or awareness to carry.

I want you to know this: it's positive to feel accomplished and pleased. It's a good thing to feel like you're valuable and talented.

Now, God dislikes pride. But let me clarify that He disapproves of pride that takes glory for ME that should be His. When you give credit for the talent, skill, or achievement to God and glorify Him through your expression of accomplishment and pride, that's not a bad thing. That's giving glory to God.

At the same time, giving the credit to God doesn't mean that you've done nothing worth being proud of. It's a bit like a YouTuber or author giving thanks to their supporters and editing team for helping them get to where they are. They're not saying "Oh, I did nothing at all and it was all These People that did it" - they're saying that they're proud and happy and grateful to have accomplished something with help.

God is helping you. That doesn't make you less. It just makes Him more.

Don't belittle yourself. God thinks you're all that and a bag of chips, and that you're getting better all the time.

So just to clarify - putting the burden of positivity on your friends isn't endearing, it's tiring. I love you and I want you to feel pleased and proud of what you've accomplished. This does not mean it's my responsibility to make you feel that way.

It's okay (healthy, positive, and encouraged) to feel good about your accomplishments, even if they "aren't as good" as someone else's.

You're making progress. Give yourself a little credit.

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