There is, or at least there should be, a limit to how long I spend on organization (outlining, note-taking, brainstorming) before I get into writing the actual story. I think I mentioned it before in one of the articles about worldbuilding, and the principle is the same here.

If my reasons for organization have become "I could do this better" rather than "I don't know what happens next" then at that point I'm putting off the project itself and instead putzing about with notecards and post-its.

I have found myself in this situation over the past week, at least in part because yet another major plot shift has taken place in my brainspace, shifting the story from one about a boy who doesn't know how to make decisions on his own to the story of a boy growing up in a household where he doesn't respect his father and starts a rebellion to overthrow the "lizard king."

And now even though I've made my outline and I know what's going to happen (more or less) I'm in a position where... I guess I don't really want to write the story? Or I do, but it's so intimidating that I'm reluctant to really get a start on it, since at this point it's no longer a second draft, it's more like a first draft all over again.


There is a very simple rule for this kinda thing. It only has three words, and you can't really twist it into anything other than what it is:

Sit And Write

I can't keep putting it off. I have to just buckle down and get it done. No more delaying. No more putzing.

Once a week, I'll post a new chapter here. That should keep me going. Gotta stay on top of it if I'm going to have an audience. No choice. Just gotta keep going.

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