Nearing the End

Of NaNoWriMo, of course.

I'm not done with my book, not even close but I knew that this year wasn't going to be a "winning" year for NaNo. 50,000 words in 30 days is a marvelous goal, and the majority of Novembers I can pull it off with only a little sleep deprivation and a solid helping of stress. This year, however, was not one of those years. The cost in sanity to reach that goal was far too high, so I let it go before the project even properly got started, and prioritized dealing with my ADHD over getting a novel done in 30 days.

That doesn't mean, however, that I'm ready to give up on the book. Far from it, I have every intention of completing this project, no matter how many times I have to reorder my outline.

So while I'm too tired and overwhelmed to finish this project in one month, I'm still plugging away at it in my free time, which I think is the best anyone could ask for.

I won't say I don't sometimes feel the pressure to meet an unrealistic goal, or that I don't feel disappointed in myself for not being able to do that right now, but this is something I think I can learn from. That it's okay to look at my abilities and say "I don't have the resources to make this happen right now." This is acceptable, and there's nothing about being tired that should make me feel guilty for not exhausting myself chasing an arbitrary deadline.

What about you, Inklings? Have you run into goals you think should be achievable, but you can't reach them today? How do you deal with that?

#Life #Goals #OkayToNotBeOkay

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