Lessons in Strange Places

Every now and then, I catch myself thinking things like "I don't need to read this article/watch this video/listen to this podcast because I'm already pretty good at [X skill]." Or even better - "I don't need to watch this documentary/listen to this lecture/subscribe to this channel because this kind of art isn't the kind of art I do."

Let me tell you, when I notice those are my thoughts, I gotta crack down on that real fast.

Because here's the thing, guys. Even if I never intend to make a movie, storytelling through cinema is still storytelling. Even if I've got hundreds of hours of practice in writing dialogue, if I've been practicing bad habits, there's a chance I might have something to learn that would improve my ability to write dialogue.

Even if I plan never to write historical fiction because it takes too much research (this is a real promise I made to myself, by the way, because it's so true) that doesn't mean that history has nothing to teach me about how people act, how nations deal with one another, or how I can make a difference right now in my own time.

To my way of thinking, there's no excuse for ignoring an opportunity to learn.

Now to be clear, I'm not insisting that everyone should be an academic-type like I am. Not everyone is cut out for that. But I am saying that cherry-picking my topics out of some misplaced sense of superiority or exclusivity is not reasonable. By all means, I ought to study the things I find interesting and useful, but I shouldn't ever dismiss an entire topic just because I think I don't need it.

I will never know so much or be so good at what I do that I have nothing more to learn. Ergo, I shouldn't act like I do.

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