Learning About Me

There are some of you that know that I love to roleplay. Specifically, I like to write stories with my friends. Stories are my lifeblood in more ways than I was aware until I began to mature - both as a writer and as an adult.

It might seem odd to some people that I would call this post "learning about me," when roleplay is all about being someone that's not me. But really, I promise it makes sense. Even though I'm playing the roles of characters that obviously aren't me, I'm also exploring facets of myself that don't often get to be the focus of my attention. It's a safe way take a look at things that might embarrass or frighten me, things that make me uncomfortable or that I'm just not sure about.

For example, I learned that I am extremely biased against the concept of being overweight. I haven't identified why, not precisely, but I know the bias is there, and I intentionally made myself play a character who struggles with their weight so I might in a small way put myself in their shoes.

Or in another roleplay, I discovered that I have a love of playing characters that are shy, gentle, and easily victimized. I think this indicates a risk in myself for falling into less than healthy relationships. Being aware of it will help me avoid those situations - or at least I can keep an eye out for them.

There are a lot of things I can and will safely explore in the territory of a roleplay. Between you and me, I'm excited to see what more I'll learn.

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