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One of the worst parts of being a writer and especially of being a worldbuilder is trying to keep track of the different stories or worlds that have passed through my head in the recent past. Someone once told me that "A book you buy but never read was a waste of time. A game you buy but never play is a waste of money - no matter what kind of awesome sale it was on." This same concept applies to worldbuilding and writing stories - the ones I spend time developing but never make any notes about, or the ones I make notes about but can never find - might as well have never been developed at all.

I've tried using systems like WorldAnvil for tracking my worlds, and when I remember to use them they work wonderfully - but usually I don't. So instead, I have a folder in my Google Drive for projects, and that includes worldbuilding. I'll just drop notes into those folders as I go, and that makes it easier to keep track of and refer back to later on.

A couple weeks ago, I was still in full swing on the Gameworld (which still doesn't have a proper name). Then I started developing a new Dragonrider world, and then a Racist Magic world. And the more I develop, the further afield I wander, and the harder it is to find my way back to the beginning of that trail.

That said, this is a pretty new development, and until recently, I would just make scattered notes or send messages to my friends about the things I was working on, and as it became harder and harder to find the material I had been interested in, my attention would drift to new topics.

I've decided this has GOT to stop. I happen to like working on a single project for an extended period, and making it more difficult for myself isn't the best way to go about that.

So, other than my "make folders and drop notes into Google docs" method, what methods do you Inklings use to keep track of your stories, worlds, and ideas?

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