Jukebox Joyride

I won't say that it's out of the ordinary for me to read (or listen to) "children's books," but I also won't say that they make up a majority of my reading list. As it happens, I've been reading a number of children's books recently, and this is one of them.

Jukebox Joyride is a short (3.5-hour) audio drama by Jacob Stein and Jason Rabinowitz, also known as the band "The Pop Ups." Instead of listening to a single person or even a cast of people reading the text from a book, I was treated to a full dramatic production, complete with music, background noise, sound effects, and of course a full cast.

The target audience was much younger than I am now (the main characters are 11 years old) but I didn't feel like the story was talking down to me. I didn't feel like the main characters made stupid decisions because they were young, but rather that they made the best decisions they could with limited information and a lack of experience. One of the things that bothers me about some stories focusing on children is that they characterize all kids as generally irritating or unintelligent, neither of which can be considered anything more than a grossly inaccurate stereotype.

The primary villain was what I might call "flat" in some ways ("I was embarrassed by music when I was young, so I'm going to go back in time and destroy all music! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!") but he had enough of a motivation that he didn't feel like Dr. Blight from Captain Planet or Snidely Whiplash from Dudley Do-Right, neither of whom seem to have any real motivation at all other than just... enjoying being evil. (Not to say that Pure Evil villains don't have their place, but rather that in this case the Pure Evil villain wouldn't have fit in with the other characters.)

So, for quality of the recording as well as the fun factor, I'm giving Jukebox Joyride a really solid 4 out of 5. Very enjoyable. Will listen to it again when I have a long drive ahead of me.

If you liked stories like Adventures in Odyssey or The Magic School Bus, I think it's likely you'll enjoy this one.

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