How to Start Writing

A friend on a Discord server asked me a couple weeks ago how one would go about starting to get into writing. They weren't sure if there was a good first step, like how with art, you can start with tracing someone else's work to get a feel for what shapes go where, or study real life subjects to see how those shapes translate into people and animals and objects.

The answer is, maybe unfortunately, extremely simple.

Step 1:

Read things you enjoy.

Step 2:

Write things like what you enjoy reading.

Step 3:


You will never "get past" this stage. You will never stop needing to return to this point. You will never be "good enough" that reading more of what you like won't make you better and writing what you like.

Should you only ever read things you know you'll enjoy? Of course not. You don't just study the math problems you know you can answer correctly.

But when you stop taking in new words and new stories and new techniques, you stop getting better as a writer.

So next time you're staring at a blank page and don't know what to write/draw/compose/paint, go back to the things that inspired you to start, or the things you know are well done, and enjoy them again. You'll find things that you want to duplicate. Do it.

That's how you start writing, and how you will keep "starting" for the rest of your life.

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