How to Read a Series?

Maybe this is a silly question, but have you Inklings ever thought about how to read a series?

Maybe it's a strange thing to think about, but there it is - how do you read a series?

I have friends that refuse to even pick up a book in a series unless the whole thing has been published and they can read the whole shebang in one go. Others will read whatever is available. One of my friends point-blank Will Not read books out of order, so if she can't finish #4 because it's Just That Bad, she can't finish the series (which bothers her to no end).

Some will read multiple series at once, others dedicate their reading time to a single series until either they've read all that's available or it's done.

Is there a right way to do this? Is there a wrong way?

Or, more accurately - is there a better way to achieve your reading goals?

Well, the obvious answer to that is "It depends on what your goals are." If your goal is to read the story from beginning to end, and you're halfway through the second book when a prequel is released, you might be reasonably upset by that. On the other hand, if you're in that situation and your goal is to read everything by this author that you can get your hands on, then your reaction would probably be a lot more positive.

I used to think I was one of those people that would only ever read things in order, but then I discovered two things:

First, I discovered that I can get really bored with a book in the middle of a series and still want to read more of what that series has to offer. See book #3 of the Ranger's Apprentice series: The Icebound Land, which I couldn't finish. I'm interested in reading the rest of the series, though.

Second, I discovered that it might be more interesting to start farther along in the story than the first book. I once picked up and read book 2 of the Spirit Animals series: Hunted by Maggie Stiefvater - I honestly thought it was the beginning of the series until I finished and looked up the next book in the series - which turned out to be book #3.

So if this is true, then my goal must not be to read from beginning to end. There's nothing wrong with that, to be sure, but it should alter how I approach reading a series.

Which brings me back around to the original question: Have you ever thought about how to read a series, Inklings? If so, did it change how you approached the activity?

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