Fiction Friday; Advice

Prompt: What advice would they give their younger self?


You only have one chance. This is your only opportunity. Make it count.

The shadowy figure stood near the window, glowing eyes fixed on its master. Or, the person that could command it. Just once. After this command, there was nothing tying it to this realm. It would disappear, and nothing would draw it back again.

"You can... travel between times?" Heart pounding, mouth dry, hands shaking; this was something that meant a great deal to the woman. That much was obvious. But why it meant so much to her - that was another question entirely.

Time as you are aware of it is no barrier to me. The figure's moonlight eyes didn't blink. Its body didn't move, but it gave off a feeling of curiosity. Why does it matter?

The space between them stretched out like wet leather, tethered between them and getting tighter and tighter. Then, with a sigh, the woman looked away. "There are things I would change, if I could. Mistakes I wish I'd never made."

Intriguing. The shadow stepped into the open. Yes. I can do this. Write your message. I will take it.

It was almost as if a light turned on behind her eyes. With a haste that betrayed her eagerness, she moved to her desk. This would fix everything. Or at least, it would give her a chance. Things could improve.

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