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What happens when I love a book? I read it over and over, of course. This is one I've read several times already, and despite the inconsistencies, I still enjoy it and keep coming back. Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey is the first book in her Dragonriders of Pern series, written at a time when she was still establishing the world and the characters that would be her major players through several of the following books.

What I loved about it to start was the strong female lead, though as I read it again and again, I think maybe it wasn't so much the portrayal of the character that I liked as much as my fondness for imagining myself in her place.

I'm happy to say that the worldbuilding and character development in this book are pretty fantastic, and set the standard by which I measure most other fantasy books (which is honestly a little unfair, but that's that). The biggest problem I have with it is what I commented on before - the details aren't consistent. They're very minor inconsistencies, honestly, and I don't think a first-time reader would pick up on them (I certainly didn't until later on) but they are there, and at this point in my rereading, that's about the only thing that snags at me.

So to break it down:

The worldbuilding is fantastic. The characters are fun and diverse. The obstacles are big and believable.

The solution is inventive and well executed.

The price for mistakes is immediate and visible.

Four out of five stars for minor inconsistencies, and some plot manipulation for the sake of putting the main character into situations because that's where we want her, rather than because it makes sense.

If you like soft magic systems, talking dragons, and social drama, then this is definitely the book for you.

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