We all have favorites, even if we don't admit it because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. (I rotate my sweatshirts so they all feel equally loved.) This is especially true with fiction genres. I know plenty of patrons at the library that read almost exclusively a single genre (*cough* murder mysteries *cough*).

Part of me insists that this is unhealthy and can lead to heavy biases and tunnel vision.

But is it really?

I've lived with books long enough to know what I like, and as I've said in other places: life is too short to read books you don't enjoy.

So if I already know what I like, isn't it okay for me to stick to the genres I love?

I think, maybe... yes and no.

See, there's nothing wrong with knowing what I like. There IS something wrong with dismissing other books out of hand just because they're not in the genre that I tend to enjoy most.

Okay, so I read five books in a row by different authors that are all about dragons. Maybe it's time to pick up a book about space ships or WWII fighter pilots or romance in the Wild Wild West. *shrugs* If I really don't like the book I picked out, I can put it down and try something else.

But what do you think, Inklings? Is it okay to stick to what you know you love, or not?

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