As a writer, distractions are part and parcel with the rest of the craziness that goes on in my head. Just in the last year, I've overhauled the worldbuilding for a two-year project, then dropped it because I wasn't even sure what story I was supposed to be telling anymore (I really should just get back on that bandwagon and hash it out the old fashioned way - by writing it). Then I worldbuild two other settings for different stories, ended up smashing them together into a dystopian world too big for a single story.

And now, to put a cherry on top of this wonderful narrative disaster that is my life, I've made the Big Mistake of searching the "taur" tag on Tumblr and spent literal hours looking at art of centaurs, deer-taurs, lion-taurs, and my personal favorite, an AU (alternate universe) version of Voltron: Legendary Defenders where the entire cast are taurs. The humans and Alteans are centaurs, while the Galra are all... you know what? I really shouldn't ramble about this here. If you want to read more about this, you can check out the blog where it's all at home, right here on Tumblr.

So, the real question is: how does one deal with distractions?

The answer is... well, it depends on your goals. (I get the feeling this is going to become my answer to almost everything.)

If my goal is to WRITE, but not necessarily a specific story, then the distraction is no longer a distraction but Inspiration, and I can just go and write about that instead. Awesome. No problem at all.

If my goal is to write a specific story (say, my original dragon plot for the novel I started two years ago) then the distraction is definitely that, but only if it pops up when I intend to write. I can use it as a reward for when I need to get X amount of writing done. :)

If my goal is not to write, but to get other things done (like how I really need to finish laundry, and am instead scrolling through Tumblr) then the only real solution is to stop doing the distraction and go accomplish the thing I need to do.

Speaking of which, I'll be right back. I need to move the laundry into the dryer if I'm going to get things folded and put away today.

*ahem* Right.

So, basically the only thing I can do to combat distraction is to stay aware of what it is I want to actually accomplish. Just now, I need to finish writing up blog posts before I settle in to scripting podcast episodes!

Onward and forward and faster, my Inklings!

#Life #Distractions #Tips (if you can call them that)

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