Decluttered Space, Decluttered Mind

This was a concept introduced to me some time ago - back in college, I think. I didn't disregard it, per say, but I did choose not to change my habits much. My room stayed cluttered, my work space remained stressful, and I continued to use my desk as a dump spot for anything that didn't already have a home.

But I did realize and utilize the fact that I was more productive in studying and writing when I wasn't in my room, so I would move to the library whenever I needed to get Serious Work done.

I don't know if it's just my impression of things or not, but there seems to be this division in creative types. Either they believe a clean work space is necessary and if it's not aesthetically tidy they can't concentrate, or they're allergic to straight lines and thrive in the midst of chaos.

Perhaps "division" is the wrong word for it. I suppose it's more like a spectrum, wherein a single person can move from one side to the other without permanently altering their core personality traits.

The thing is, though, that it's much truer than I had anticipated. Last week, I talked about how I set up a new work space for myself in light of the fact that working on my bed not only interfered with how well I was able to sleep, but also screwed with my posture and made me sore in ways I very much don't appreciate.

But when I started working at this table rather than on my bed, I realized something curious. I was (and am) more productive at the table than I am on the bed when writing specifically for my blog. I'm still better at narrative writing in the comfy cocoon of my blankets, but here's the thing:

My table doesn't stay here.

The only place in my room I have room for a table is either A) in front of my dresser or B) in front of my fridge. Both of those are places I need to be able to access regularly. So when my table isn't in active use (that is, when I'm not sitting at it to sew or write) then I fold it up and stick it in my closet. That means that the table isn't there to collect junk like my desk is.

Ergo, my table is always clean.

*mind blown*

There's never an unmanageable mess on my table, and because the table is always clean, I can reasonably concentrate on the thing I'm supposed to be doing.

Dude. I'm so clever, I outsmarted myself.

I wish I could say I planned that, but I really didn't. I got the table originally so I could have somewhere to work at my sewing machine in my room, since the dining room table apparently wasn't available for that. *frowns at family*

As it turns out, it has multiple uses, and now I'm more productive than ever.

So here's the real question:

Is there a way you can move, change, or reset your work space so you have a clean space to be productive in?

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