I know it's a little late for this, but it occurred to me the other day that I've been thinking about Christmas all wrong.

Let me explain.

Christmas "season" for the stores starts revving up in September. Sometimes as early as August. There's Christmas decorations and candy everywhere you look by October, and unless you're running a grocery store, there's not a lot of hype for Thanksgiving (just the day after, which is a commercialist social construct that we all love to hate).

Now, I have complained every year about Christmas trees in Home Depot before Halloween, and Christmas music in public before Thanksgiving.

But I have also complained about how Christmas doesn't last long enough. I'm finally "allowed" to celebrate Christmas after Thanksgiving, and then when New Year's rolls around, everything needs to start coming down, the music stops, the tree goes away, the snow globes are packed up until next year.

I think some of you have already identified what occurred to me, and are silently face-palming at my silliness.

If I want Christmas to last longer, why do I protest when it starts early? Christmas decorations out before Halloween? Okay. Happy Spooky Christmas. Christmas movies on TV before Thanksgiving? Alright. Happy Turkey Christmas. Christmas trees still up at New Year's? Fantastic. Happy New Christmas.

Happy Love Christmas.

Happy Irish Christmas.

Happy President's Christmas.

If I love it, celebrate it all the time. I shouldn't tell people they're doing it wrong, and if I want to hum Christmas carols in February, I shouldn't feel embarrassed about it. I love Christmas, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I just need to embrace it.

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