Busy Day

Some days, you just don't have time to write. Those are sad days, but I suppose everyone must have them sometime. Today will be one of mine. I'll be working nearly from dawn until dusk at the (veterinary) clinic that's my day-job.

But even when I can't sit down and bang out a couple hundred words of my current WIP, I like to compose paragraphs and introductions and plots. Last night, when I couldn't sleep and yet refused to light up my computer screen to keep me up even longer, I composed a sort of half-hearted plot mixing elements of the two books I'm reading and the show I'm watching right now.

- Once Upon a Time (the ABC TV series)

- Memoirs by Lady Trent (Victorian age with dragons)

- The Host (alien "invasion" and the end of the human world)

So I might laugh at it later, here's the general gist of what I came up with last night:

Girl has two lives - one during the day, and one at night in her dreams. During the day, she's a clerk for a museum curator, keeping notes about the exhibits and people's reactions to them. At night, she's a respected naturalist that studies humans and particularly their languages.

One night, a sorcerer with a grudge sets off a spell he can't control, which doesn't kill those it touches, but sends them to another world. When she wakes, the people from her dreams are appearing in the real world and taking over the bodies of normal humans. It's not intentional, but rather the only method by which they can live. Without the human hosts, they would wither and die. Main character witnesses the panic in both worlds, and must find a way to correct things before she herself is locked into her human body and unable to get back home.

It's not terribly original, I suppose, but I was intrigued by the idea of trying to mix such disparate plots together. I might have made it even more convoluted by adding elements from Inuyasha (which I'm re-watching as a show to watch but not watch when I want to relax). But I think this is convoluted enough, honestly. I might even come back to it later, if it still looks halfway decent in a week or two. :)

How about you, Inklings? When you don't have time to write, do you make up stories anyway?

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