Being That Guy

Have you ever been in a situation where you're just hanging out (maybe not even with your friends, but hanging out in general) and you discover you've become that guy?

Sometimes it's "the guy that tells jokes no one else gets."

Sometimes it's "the guy that shares trivia no one else cares about."

But when I'm that guy, I get this feeling that I'm out of place. I'm not in the group I should be with. I've somehow lost my tribe. Even if I was having a magnificent time before that, once I've had my "that guy" moment, I start feeling awkward and shy, and start withdrawing. I may even leave.

Now, this has nothing to do with the reactions of the people I'm hanging out with. Or I suppose that's untrue, because the reactions of the others in a group tell me if I'm that guy. What I mean is simply that they're not rejecting me or pushing me out. Rather I'm leaping to possibly unfounded assumptions, based on my reaction to their reactions.

This seems to be getting out of hand.

Let me say that it's not their fault. Not every joke I tell is funny. Not every bit of trivia I share is interesting. I'm not always good at reading the room! And honestly, that's okay. No one needs to be good at everything, and if you think you have a friend that is good at everything, you should probably take a step back and remind yourself that (1) they're only humans and (2) comparing yourself to other people isn't how we achieve anything like a satisfying life.

So even if I am that guy in this one situation, that's alright. Because my worth as a person doesn't come from my ability to social with grace.

I'm worth more than that, because my Father says I'm worth more than that.

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