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I recently had the pleasure of listening to what I've decided to call an "audio documentary." If you've ever put on an episode of Blue Planet and then just let it play while you do something else, then you know the sound of a documentary. I used to watch Big Cat Diaries so frequently that I would just put it on and go cook something.

So that mildly melodramatic, soundtracked narrative in a soothing voice. That's the sound I'm talking about.

It was also a presentation of period recordings of the American homefront during World War II, so that helps in the "documentar" part of that.

I enjoyed myself immensely, and I will definitely seek out more like it, but I can't help but wonder - does it qualify as a book?

When my "book" has its own score, multiple episodes, recordings from other sources, and is narrated by Martin Sheen, has it transcended the definition of a "book" and moved on to something else?

Well, I did at that book to my Goodreads list, but I'm inclined to think that it wasn't actually a book anymore. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the history of nonfiction works that might qualify as "literary documentaries" to say for certain what elements made it feel that way to me, but this is a subject I think I'll be referring back to in the future once I know a little more about this topic.

But to wrap up this very short post, I just want to ask you, Inklings: What do you think?

Is it a book, or not?

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