An Irresistible Force

Recently I was going through the backlog for a YouTube channel I discovered (and love) called MinutePhysics, and I ran across this video, which fascinating to me.

In case you didn't know, I love physics. Love it. (For reference, my father was a nuclear physicist. This stuff is the life within life, the stuff that makes my neurons fire and my dopamine levels rise.)

But wait, you might say, what does physics have to do with writing?

Well, a lot, actually. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Instead, we're going to talk about something near and dear to every writer's heart, the thing we love to hate - writer's block.

But what's that got to do with-

Let me finish.

Let's assume for a moment that Writer's Block is an Immovable Object. Or, more accurately, an Unaccelerateable Object. Something which we cannot, by pushing, pulling, hitting, digging, or lifting, cause to accelerate in any direction.

Let's also assume that the Need to Write is an Unstoppable Force. Or, more accurately, another Unaccelerateable Object, which we cannot by pushing, pulling, lifting, etc. cause to slow down or speed up in any direction.

If you watched the video above, I think you can see where this is going.

You see, I've mentioned a time or two that inspiration is something that you can't rely on to happen consistently. If I waited for inspiration to strike, then I would very rarely write anything at all. Instead, inspiration is something I have to make happen. It's a resource I generate by writing that makes writing easier.

If my Need to Write is moving at 100mph and I can't make it slow down, speed up, or change direction, we're assuming that it's an Unstoppable Force. It's an object which, by definition, I cannot affect with my puny human strength.

My Need to Write is approaching an Unmovable Object in the form of my Writer's Block, which is another thing I cannot affect with my puny human strength. It sits there and there it sits, no matter how much I want it to not do the sitting in that place.

If both of these objects are by definition things which cannot accelerate or deccelerate, then Newton's Laws of Motion dictate that they cannot interact with one another, as this is the only course of action which allows their state of being to remain unchanged. If the Unstoppable Force were to stop, it would not be Unstoppable. If the Immovable Object were to move, it would not be Immovable.

Ergo, when they meet, they pass through one another without ever making contact, because my need to write has nothing to do with the writer's block that sits in my way.

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