Advice from a Character

Character: Conca Feathertail (winged centaur)

Prompt: You live on a cloud. Give 3 tips for how not to fall off.

1. Step carefully

Tearing holes in your cloud will cause it to dissipate faster. So watch your step and repair holes promptly when they appear.

2. Never take off your wings

The day you put them away is the day you will definitely need them. (Like a pocket knife - you'll always want them when you don't have them.)

3. Always be kind to guests

If you have never considered chucking someone off your cloud, rest assured than an angry mother-in-law will.

This was an exercise in practical, personable advice from someone who lived somewhere impossible. It's easy to treat impossible things with sterile kid gloves and a high-brow manner that makes it seem distant. I wanted to discard that "this is impossible" vibe and really invest in making it feel like a normal everyday thing. A thing you could imagine really happening, just because the people in that world treated it like it was obvious - of course this is a thing everyone does. Don't you?

Because of my emphasis on believability, I sometimes end up in situations where I over-explain everything, because no really this makes sense if you let me get into the laws of physics that apply to this world! I felt like that was the wrong approach to a lot of stories, and wanted to practice believability through acceptance. I don't believe it because it necessarily makes sense, but rather I believe it because the characters believe it.

Do you think it was successful? I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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