A Useful Thing

Last week, my boss taught me a very useful thing - how to fold shirts.

Now, this might seem more than usually obvious. I'm almost 30, after all, and I should probably already know how to fold shirts, right?

Well, yes. I know several ways to fold shirts. But this way is both neat and easy, which I think are both very important things, when you come down to folding laundry. As I understand it, this is a not-favorite chore for many.

And I am going to show you, with pictures how to do it. :)

Start with a shirt. You can't fold shirts without a shirt, right?

Next, turn a shirt on its face so you're looking at the back.

Take the hem and fold it up until it's level with the shoulders. It doesn't need to be exact.

Next, fold the sleeves in toward one another, so they overlap in the middle.

Not a lot, but enough to narrow the shoulders to a manageable width.

Three folds in, one to go.

Take the bottom again, and fold it up to the shoulders.

Now, when you flip it over, it'll look like this!

Neat, huh? :D

My boss then suggested storing them in the drawer neck-down, so you see the folded part. That way, you'd be filing your shirts in the drawer like papers in a filing cabinet. It's easy to see them all at once and pick out what you want to wear without disheveling all your other clothes.

I love it.

I've never felt so organized.

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