A Potential New Project

I don't know how many of you are aware... but I have a podcast.

That's a thing.

In addition to the podcast, I've been considering recently whether or not to invest the time and energy to translate some of my more popular episodes into videos for YouTube.

That would be a huge time commitment, and require skills that I have no yet perfected. On the other hand, I happen to enjoy making videos, so long as I don't spend too many hours in a row at the computer without getting up.

I feel the same way about writing, actually. Gotta get up and get them endorphins to make this work. Yup.

Anyway, I'm considering that, and wondering if any of you wonderful Inklings would be interested in something like that. (It occurs to me now that it would probably actually be easier to make shorter videos (2-5 minutes) based on blog posts instead of my podcast, which is always 10+ minutes. So... there's a thought.)

Looking forward to hearing back from you all. You're my audience, after all, and if you're not interested, is there really a point?

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