A New Story (Again)

You've probably noticed this happens... a lot. More than I want to admit. I got overwhelmed with my dragon story (The Lost Heir) when it went off the rails and then I didn't even know who the main character was and once that was up in the air everything went to pot and now I'm afraid to even approach the project. *sigh*

Then I got sidetracked with the dystopia world that started with a "what if we took Darwinism to its natural conclusion in social and then literal eugenics, like Hitler did?" and went from there. I combined it with the "real game world" I'd fiddled with before, and that got smashed together with some fantasy elements and I've ended up with a society that practices social eugenics and keeps their populace in control through means of micromanaging levels of privacy invasion and a "game" that uses discarded humans and subhuman races for entertainment and a feeling of power in their lives.

I still intend to do something with that world, for sure, I just... haven't gotten it hammered out yet. (By which I mean... I have no idea where my beginning or end are, who the main character will be, what the theme is supposed to be, etc. and so forth.)

Now my focus has once again been interrupted. Not by an idea, this time, so much as by a plot that had a lot of potential and was just... so disappointing. I decided that when I'd finished the book, I would rewrite the entire bloody thing, because the characters didn't line up with their backstory (at all) and some things about the character set in general smacked of sexism that just made me angry every time it came up. (Mostly a repetitive and highly stereotypical "weakness" in the female characters who completely failed at independence under pressure and the need for a male to guide them in stressful situations. Anyway, I'm not here to rant about that book. I refuse to.

I decided I'm going to use this opportunity to work on some things in my writing that I want to practice.

- description that doesn't interrupt the pacing of a passage

- good dialogue

- realistic amnesia

- believable racism

- villain/minion interactions

- killing or otherwise rendering the main character of a story unable to continue in that capacity (possibly using the aforementioned amnesia)

- replacing the main character with a minor character who does not feel ready for this At All

- and possibly some form of apocalypse that changes the direction of the narrative from that point onward

(Not necessarily in this order, of course.)

I think it sounds like a lot of fun, but I've made myself a deal.

IF I let myself work on this for now, then when November rolls around, I will devote myself to my dragon plot for the whole of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This is my pledge, and I'm trusting you lot to hold me to it, one way or another. :)

So what do you guys think? Does this sound like an interesting story?

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