Storytelling Element - Rescue

In games, especially video games and tabletop roleplaying games, the tasks or "quests" assigned to the player are the motivation provided to the character to do something in the game. Things like "retrieve this item," "talk to this person," "rescue the princess." This at least in part because these motivations can be impressed on a person from outside.

These motivations also show up in adventure stories, pushing the main character to act even if they are personally disinclined to do so (for example, take a look at some YA dystopian stories, like Hunger Games or Harry Potter, where the main character is motivated primarily by the desire to save their friends or family, and would not act if those people weren't in danger).

When Rescue is the motivation, there is a person, group, nation, or even an item that needs to be removed from its current situation for its own safety or for the safety of others. Usually it's simple enough - "save the girl" is the most common version of the Rescue motivation, but more complex versions do exist, such as "save the country," "rescue your family," or "depose this evil ruler so you can replace their government with..." That could probably be reduced to "save the country," just for simplicity's sake.

What movie, book, or game have you enjoyed recently where the main character's primary motivation was to rescue something or someone? Was it done well?

Also, here's this week's Random Question: How many freckles do you have on your left arm?

Until next week, stay awesome, Inklings!

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