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Some people retreat to specific places to read. Other people will read anywhere, so long as there's enough light. So here's the question that I want to look at today: What makes a good reading spot?

On the floor? At the table? In the library? In your bed? In your favorite armchair?

No matter where you're reading, there are some key qualities, I think, that make a spot good for reading.

These qualities are biased in favor of reading on an eReader or in a paper book, and some are not applicable to listening to an Audiobook, such as "enough light." Obviously, you don't need to be able to see in order to listen.

1. Enough Light

Like my mom always said: if you read in the dark, you'll ruin your eyes, and then you won't be able to read anymore. I've heard the same thing about watching TV in the dark, being on the computer in the dark, or trying to clean in the dark, so I think there might be something to it.

If you want to read, you need to be able to see the page clearly, whether it's displayed on an eReader or on paper.

2. Enough Space

If you're going to stand, sit, perch, or hang somewhere to read, you need the space to do so and still hold your book or device. There are some places, like at a crowded dinner table, where the space to both occupy that place and read a book are simply not available. (That said, there are probably other more pressing issues if you're at a crowded dinner table for the purpose of reading.)

3. Enough Comfort

Whether you intend to read for an hour or for ten minutes, the place you occupy must be comfortable enough to stay for the duration. If a chair is nice, but hurts your butt cheeks after half an hour, or if the thin rug your standing on makes your knees ache after a while, then you may want to find a nice rocker or apple tree instead.

4. Enough Quiet

This is possibly the most flexible of the 5 Qualities, for the simple reason that the ability to play music through a pair of headphones is nearly ubiquitous now, and can serve quite nicely in the place of an actually quiet space. In addition, some people are capable of just "tuning out" and ignoring the noise around them. I specifically have difficulty with this, and need either quiet or headphones in order to cope.

5. Enough Time

You might think to yourself that this isn't part of finding a good reading spot, but I would argue that in some cases, it absolutely is. If you like to read in the library or at your favorite coffee shop, those locations eventually close to the public in the evening, and will not allow you to stay indefinitely. Alternately, if you like to read outside, you're limited by how long the weather stays fine, or how long the sun will be up (unless it's warm enough and you happen to have a light along to read by).

I think these are the most important of the Qualities one must look for in a favorite reading spot. But mine is hardly the only opinion that matters - what are your opinions on reading spots and what makes them good?

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