Christmas Reading

I mentioned this back around Halloween, about adding holiday-themed books to the reading list for the sake of a specific celebration. (As it happens, I'm still reading Dracula, because it's a really long book.)

But as we close in on Christmas, I wonder to myself if I should try to read any of these Christmas books floating around for the sake of a Christmas review or podcast episode. Most of the Christmas books I've encountered have been unbelievably cheesy romances or skin-deep Christian fiction.

In some ways, I am sad that "Christian fiction" is its own genre, but that's a rant for another day. Right now, we're talking about gingerbreads and pumpkin pies and predictable romance.

I have managed, through some wrangling, to find two Christmas books that have caught my fancy. The first is an old story mostly about children winning over a Scrooge character. The second is an Fantasy/Alternate History about the Christmas Ban of 1647.

So... since I already have books picked out, and neither of them are very long, I could probably go ahead and make Christmas posts/episodes for both weeks. It wouldn't be hard.

But what about you guys? Is "Christmas reading" even a thing normal people have time for? If you did have the time, would you do it?

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