Christmas Music

So here's a question for you that comes up every year:

When is it okay to expose others to your lyrical Christmas Cheer?

I will never say it's not okay to listen to your Christmas tunes whenever you like. That would be against my nature, and I might even injure myself while trying to get the words out.

But when is it acceptable to play/sing/hum your carols loud enough that other people can hear?

Personally... I could listen to this stuff all year 'round. I love Christmas songs. They make me SO HAPPY. You have no idea. Usually I start about August or September.

Some people say it has to wait until after November 30th. Others say July is fine, thanks. My personal rule is that I won't inflict my Christmas noise on others until after Thanksgiving. No shame if I'm enjoying it before then, though.

So what's your standard? When's your starting point? How long do you go?

And is it worth the wait (if you wait at all)?

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