It's My Birthday and I'll Read if I Want To

It's my birthday month! I will be tackling a reading project to celebrate. The New York Times is an American newspaper based in New York City, NY. It covers the usual variety of journalism such as healthcare, sports, politics, and food. It also has a section of the bestselling fiction and nonfiction books in the nation, ranked by genre and format. I came across Hawe's List, a website that has been compiling each year's best-selling hardcover nonfiction and fiction books (dating back to 1931). I thought, what better way to celebrate my birthday than to read books from the month and year I was born? Specifically, the week of December 1992 that I was born in.

From this list, I will be (attempting) to read 5 novels that interest me and review them accordingly. Ideally, I would like to read all of them, but there are 30 books on the list and only 1 of me. Plus, some are a part of a series, and I don't plan on starting a project within a project! It's going to be difficult narrowing down which books I'll read because the majority of these do not interest me whatsoever. Here's to new adventures!

These are the lists I will be using:

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