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This post is most likely going to turn into notes about my novel, so be forewarned that this might get a little vague at points.

My original outline called for 3 characters in 3 different worlds, all working toward the same goal without necessarily knowing that was what they were doing.

The characters in World #1, the "Sky Pirates" world, were trying to stop the natural disasters they thought were caused by a sorcerer in another country to disrupt the economy of the southern kingdoms.

In World #2, the "Military" world, they were trying to destroy the cache of alien weapons their army was using against the enemy, which were also hurting their own soldiers.

And in World #3, the "Illusionist" world," they were trying to fix the balance of Energies that was driving people insane and making some folk "break out" in highly destructive magical powers.

Needless to say, after writing three complete drafts of this story, I realized that it didn't seem to be working as well as I had hoped. I had known from the beginning that it was an experiment, trying to fit three complete stories into one novel without too much overlap. More than once I've been recommended to make this into a trilogy, but I don't want my very first novel to be overly dependent on what comes next.

That said, it seems to me that writing three short books might be easier than writing one long one that doesn't quite fit everything I was aiming for.

Also, the recent development of the world Charlie lives in (the magic school in a dystopia w/ corrupt government using magic to keep folk in line) makes me want to replace one of the three worlds in the original outline with that one.

And of course since Charlie is not Karina (the main character for Lost Star) I begin to wonder if all three characters need to stay the same in every world, or if only one character need overlap. That would make for a stronger Chosen One vibe. It would also eliminate some of the difficulty I was having with making all three characters fit properly into all three worlds.

I need a Beginning, a Middle, and an End, but they don't necessarily all need to happen in the same section of the story. In the original, I had the book split into three parts, with each part sticking completely with one world until the story was done (with vague thoughts about copy/pasting things into a different order later). I think I would still write it that way to start, to make sure I have all my ducks in a row, but I'm not sure it's necessary.

The message I'm trying to deliver with this story is that (1) a Higher Power doesn't do you any good if you take no notice and (2) in everything healthy there is a balance, and when that balance is disrupted, the health is as well. This is in physical, environmental, and relational health as well.

So, with all that rambling out of the way, here's my question for you:

Does that sound like a story you would enjoy reading?

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