First, a confession. I didn't read this one, so much as I listened to a dramatization created specifically for Audible (which is an awesome service, by the way - I love it). So there are probably chunks of text that I didn't get to partake of, but knowing how long-winded Austen can be, I'm okay with that.

The pacing for this book was very similar to what I experienced with Pride and Prejudice, and though I didn't admire the character of Emma as much as I did Lizzy Bennet, I enjoyed the story nonetheless.

The emphasis was on being able to identify and admit your own mistakes, and how that will help you grow as a person if you're willing to confront those things in your own life (as opposed to trying to "fix" someone else's life).

It was a good way to pass the time while I was cleaning, but the moment to moment story wasn't very interesting until I was almost halfway through, so I'm probably not going to keep this one around for re-reading.

All in all, it was a fun read and I don't regret it. I'd recommend this one to someone who was looking to travel a long ways and needed something that wouldn't distract too much from making the correct turn in whatever city you're heading into our out of.

As we roll into holiday season, is your TBR list changing to reflect upcoming celebrations, or is it the same as always? I look forward to hearing from you!

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