On a Kick

I'm sure we've all had days (or weeks or months) like this, where you're just in a mood for a specific kind of story. Maybe a particular kind of main character or a specific world setting. (There was a stretch of at least 6-7 months where all I read were Piers Anthony books out of his Xanth series - fantastic books, by the way.)

Recently, my thing was sci-fi novels. I read and reviewed Dune (Frank Herbert). Right after that, I read a newer sci-fi book titled Genesis (Ken Lozito). I don't think this is a problem per se, but it poses a sticky question about what happens if I start getting tired of or even disliking the genre or author through overexposure.

But gosh, I'm enjoying myself. :) Having finished Genesis, I started in on Crystal Singer (Anne McCaffrey) on the side while I read Wicked. When I actually say it like that, it sounds like I have a, hrm... "reading problem."

Hi. My name is Elle. I'm addicted to books.

Hi, Elle.

So, this is the question: is it alright to indulge in a certain genre for multiple books in a row, or can it be detrimental to one's ability to write or find pleasure in other genres?

My tentative answer is "all things in moderation." After Crystal Singer, I started in on a couple fantasy books, which were also very satisfying. All things in moderation. Two thumbs up.

What sort of books do you get stuck on?

Until next time, stay awesome, my Inklings!

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