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I don't know if this is true for you lot, but I know that at least for me, there's a temptation to do "seasonal reading" around the holidays. That is, read stories and watch movies that have at least something to do with the holidays in proximity to today's date. For right now, that's obviously Hallow E'en, and that's something of a problem for me for one really big reason.

I don't do scary.

It doesn't matter if the "scary" is just spoopy, or if it's blood, guts, gore, and eldritch creatures from beyond the scope of human imagination and reason. I can't do it. I get nightmares from children's movies - anything more intense is likely to end me.

Now, before you start saying "oh, it's not that scary," I'll just say that the last time I trusted someone about a movie being "not that scary," I was conned into watching Silent Hill, and I still have nightmares about that. (For reference, that was back in high school, more than 10 years ago).

In contrast, my favorite "halloween" movie since I was very young has been Jurassic Park, which is scary without conjuring nightmares that were too believable. The space under my bed was safe, but I sometimes convinced myself that I could feel a T-Rex stomping outside my bedroom window.

So here's my dilemma:

Read for spoops, or read something I'll actually enjoy?

To answer my own self... read for spoops, but stay relatively safe.

I decided to go with a witchy theme this year, and for Hallowe'en, I read Wicked, by Gregory Maguire, which I'll be reviewing next week. I mean, what's more witchy than the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, right?

Alright, so it was a bit of a cop out, but there you have it. My pansy self trying to find a compromise.

How about you, all you Inklings? Do you read "seasonal" books, or do you just keep on reading whatever it is you like to read?

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