Music As Inspiration

Music is like liquid thought, implanting emotions and concepts directly from the mind of the composer into the mind of the listener. It's the closest thing to telepathy that I've ever experienced, and part of me absolutely loves that.

When I was in college, a professor gave me an assignment: write a short scene inspired by a piece of music with no words, and play that piece on repeat throughout your writing process.

Rather than choosing a song without any words at all (since all the instrumental music I had at the time was either Christmas music or soundtracks to movies) I picked a song in a foreign language (Hawaiian).

I think in this case, there are two important elements to the exercise.

1. The song in question doesn't have an explicit story already attached in your brainspace.

2. The song in question is listened to repeatedly during the writing process.

My challenge:

Listen to this song only once, then write a few lines inspired by it.

Then listen to this song on repeat until you finish writing whatever is inspired by the music.

You can test the other element, too, by selecting a song from a movie you know well, or a song with lyrics that tell a story, but I think the pitfalls there are a little more obvious.

Next week, I'll post my own results for this little challenge. I look forward to seeing yours. :) You can post them in the comments, or shoot me an email via I look forward to hearing from you!

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