Parallel Reading

I think I might be a little insane. I mean... more so than I thought I was. Because I set out to read two novels side by side, knowing one is a foundational work of literature for the genre of the other, just to see how the latter draws from the former, and what parallels might be drawn between the two.

The first book, and easily the longer, is Dune, by Frank Herbert.

The second book is Exile, by Karen Tully.

Both are stories about young adults pushed into direct interaction with an intergalactic empire that they weren't terribly interested in before that point. Both main characters are Chosen Ones in their own ways. I'm looking forward to seeing what parallels I can draw between them, but I wonder if I'll be able to actually finish reading both books by next Friday.

Here's to big dreams, big goals, and literary critical analysis!

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