Bare Bones

There is something to be said for brevity. When something is short and understandable, it's easy to read. But it might be unsatisfying, providing little of the vivid imagery that we so enjoy in longer works.

I find myself in a position, from time to time, where I'm so close to my deadline that I have to write short and I have to write NOW. But I'm a very wordy person, and I sometimes have a lot of difficulty in determining what actually needs to be said, and what's just candy for my imagination.

So I found a prompt, and challenged myself to write something that's "un-fluffy." As short and to the point as I can get without sacrificing the story completely.

"You were reading a book quietly in a cafe when someone passed you a note."

It was creased and stained with coffee. Still damp.

"579-432-7696 text me"

The handwriting was unfamiliar and in marker. The E in "me" was bleeding into the coffee stain.

As he closed the book it pinched his finger, and he looking up to see who it was from.

A woman looked at him over dark sunglasses just before disappearing through the door. She looked like the serious type. All business, no fun.

His phone was a warm, reluctant weight in his hand. But how could he not? She might be a secret agent or an alien in hiding. He opened the messaging app and tapped in the number.

What do you want?

The answer came quickly enough. She'd been waiting for him.

Just your number. :)

I'm not sure where I thought that would go, but there you have it. As short and un-fluffy as I could manage in an hour.

I look at it and think to myself "I should be able to do better than that."

Obviously, that means I need to practice.

On a completely unrelated note, I now have a podcast, as well as a Patreon! I spent more time than I really should have on setting those up last week. I hope you look and enjoy them - everything I post to either of those sites will absolutely free for everyone. :)

Until next time, have an truly amazing weekend. If you have a suggestion or request concerning a topic you'd like to see covered here, let me know. I love hearing from you, as always.

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