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When a discussion about reading habits is opened, between strangers or between friends, the most frequent subjects are what kind of books are read or how many books are read. The latter will be our focus today.

Now, while it might sound very impressive to say you read a half-dozen books in a month, I personally think it's more important to know how regularly you read, as opposed to how fast you read. Knowing that a friend reads a book every week says more in favor of their love of reading than knowing a friend reads a dozen books in 2 weeks, then doesn't read at all for the next three months.

But really, in a world like the one we live in, how is one supposed to have time to read every day or every week or even every month that can be counted upon?

The key to reading regularly is the same as the key to eating regularly. You must set aside time to do so. This isn't serendipity or good luck, rather it's good planning. If you know that you don't have time to sit down with a paperback and devote an hour to reading during the day, then perhaps you can borrow an audiobook from the library and listen to it while you're cooking or driving or folding laundry. Maybe you find reading alone dull as drying paint; then perhaps a book club that meets every other week would be helpful to you, or you could join a forum to discuss your latest novel with like-minded readers.

The point isn't to meet a benchmark or reach a milestone - it's just to make sure you have time for something you enjoy.

The form of the book doesn't matter. (Ebook, hardback, audiobook.) The subject of the book doesn't matter. (Astrophysics, dragons, coming-of-age.) The genre of the book doesn't matter. (Romance, adventure, sci-fi.)

What matters is that you are allowing yourself to indulge in an activity that's just for you. A chance to educate yourself, or forget about your circumstances for a while, or vicariously indulge in recklessness through the protagonist. Reading is food for the mind and food for the soul. Don't starve yourself.

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