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Fantasy (n) [fan-tuh-see]

If a spoken word or physical action has a result that logic would imply is not related to the word or action; i.e. a boy waves a stick in the air and 2d6 Dire Rats appear;

then you're probably looking at MAGIC

The difference between Magic and Science is that one pretends it has nothing to do with the other, and the second laughs maniacally and whispers "I'm everywhere." You can decide which is which. 

Works like Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter belong in this category, and the Scribe is confident no one will argue with her about that.

December, 2019

A prisoner finds a chance to escape is maybe not as ideal as they'd hoped. Written as a Christmas present for a friend. 

October, 2018

A young woman finds herself in a position to defend her best friend from a literal nightmare, and isn't at all sure how to do it. Inspired by ODAM.

February, 2014

A letter written to a young man whose girlfriend has departed to the hereafter.

Previously published on Aphelion Webzine in 2014.

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