He could see it was still a juvenile, but that hardly seemed to matter. It towered over him, head turned so one predatory golden eye could focus on his face as he quietly peed his pants.

It's not just fairies and princesses. Not just sparkles and godmothers and curious prophecies.

There are also dragons.

The dim green light was consistent as no natural thing should have been. The captain observed 103 tanks - 103 growing fetuses - glistening, their dark eyes bulging under sealed lids.

"Don't worry, little ones. There's plenty of war left for you."

What happens when computers can think for themselves? How can we judge what qualifies as human when the human psyche can live in a machine?

The wind smells different when it's not coming through bars. That was her first thought, as she slipped quietly out the window and fell to the ground in a graceless, painful heap.

We don't need magic wands and laser guns to know not everything in the world

is as it seems. 


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